We are a place for exploring consciousness together. We offer a variety of services including Floatation Tank Therapy, Counseling and Space Rental. We offer these services on a donation basis. You are invited to listen, to speak, to lose your senses.

How to Float

Our process is simple.

Please log in to make a reservation.


You can create an account here, or if you already have an account, log in here 

Additionally, everyone will need to sign our waiver in order to float. If you have questions about the waiver, you can still book an appointment. We welcome questions at the time of your appointment. You can sign the waiver at that time, and the waiver must be signed in order to float.

For your appointment, please arrive a couple minutes early. Our physical address is 515 55th St., Oakland, CA 94609 . We are the white door behind the fence next to the East Bay Community Space. If no one is waiting in the yard to greet you, ring the doorbell at 517 55th St. (the Red Door) and someone (probably Skye) will come and let you in.


Hi, I’m Skye.

I really want you to be happy, if that’s what you’re into. I may be the right counselor for you. I may be able to help you connect with other counselors or resources. I don’t accept payment for the first session, because I believe everyone should try different counselors before deciding who to work with.

Please log in to make an appointment.

A Little More About Me

The thing I work most at in life is loving people.

Counseling is an aspect of my loving more people in a bigger way. People can tell that I want their liberation when we counsel and that does a lot to build trust.

Here are some things I believe about counseling.

  • The counseling relationship matters the most.
  • Counseling is like dating in that there is someone for everyone, but you may have to try a lot of people before you find that special someone. I encourage everyone to try different counselors before deciding who to work with.
  • People are naturally good, smart, and resilient.

Here are some things I’m pretty good at.

  • Working with addiction
  • Meeting people out in the world and counseling them during real life situations
  • Talking about race and gender
  • Holding space for big energy
  • Questioning reality

Space Rental

What to Know

Anyone can rent the space.

Space rental is also on a donation basis, provided that any service offered in the space is also offered on a donation basis.

The space is great for floating, counseling, and bodywork.

To begin a conversation about renting the space, please contact us here .


We are nestled deep within the labyrinthine heart of the East Bay Community Space at 515 55th St., Oakland, CA 94609. Our entrance sits behind an unassuming white door along the back side of the East Bay Community space. To get in you’ll need someone (like Skye) to let you in, but trust us, it’s worth it.

The Space (in most of its glory)

Our Beloved Tank

Guardians of the Space


All services are provided on a donation basis

We love all the weird and wonderful woo available to people in the Bay — but it’s just way too expensive. We want healing technology (like sensory deprivation tanks) to be more widely available. So for now, we’re trying to do everything in this space on a donation basis.

How much should I give?

It costs over $1,000 a month to keep the space going (not including labor). That said, anything you donate is welcome.

Didn’t I have to pay $10 to book an appointment?

Yes, but the $10 booking fee is returned to you at the time of the appointment. The “booking fee” helps ensure that people make it to their appointment.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

If you don’t have a credit card to make the reservation, feel free to contact us and we’ll make the appointment for you.

Float FAQ

Things Worth Knowing About


We are happy to share more information with you. If your question is not answered, please contact us .


Many have asked “So you never change the water? What’s up with that?”

Here’s what’s up with that.

It’s normal not to change the water in a sensory deprivation tank. In addition to water, the tank contains about 500 lbs of salt. Changing that much salt is expensive. At the same time, multiple systems keep the water clean.

In addition to helping you float, water that is extremely saline is cleaner. You can read more about the sanitary powers of saline water from the people at Float and Soak Solutions by clicking here .

Our tank uses two types of filtration, a Micron Filter Bag and a UV filter. The filter bag removes particulate matter (floaty bits). The UV filter kills bacteria.

We treat the tank with a 35% concentration of hydrogen peroxide at least once a week. The peroxide concentration is generally over 50ppm. In addition to adding peroxide to the water, we spray the tank on the inside walls of the tank with the peroxide solution after each use.

All together this keeps us fresh and clean.

For even more information on float tank sanitation, visit our friends at Float and Tank Solutions .


An Open Philosophy

We are a home for exploring consciousness together. Our main aim is to stimulate greater awareness. Our main offering and practice is sensory deprivation. With less sensory interference, we believe we can better spur awareness itself.

Our practice is based in being human. How human beings understand existence is constantly, simultaneously modulated through our sensory experiences — a process that can be very layered and noisy. The definition of perception is to become aware of something through the senses. At the same time, the shared reality that we are sensing through and into is dynamic and differs from person to person and day to day. For these reasons, sensory-based understanding presents a good deal of complexity in the quest for greater consciousness.

We are open to new ideas. But what if we could simplify sensation or strip it away entirely? What if we could quiet the buzz of everyday external sensory stimulation long enough to hear our own internal sensory vibrations? How might we transform what we can know?

We are a family rooted in the care economy. Pursuing an alternative pathway to consciousness that questions sensory-based understanding takes community and chutzpah. We are that community, bent on becoming more aware of what is. We welcome all people with all kinds of identities. We are offer negotiated arrangements of access to meet the needs of the space and the community.

We love our space and her guardians. We love our space and work together to keep it nice for everyone. Please join us in honoring our space and her guardians by doing your part.